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Why Bitcoin Clashic?

Bitcoin Clashic is a slow departure from the peer-to-peer cash of Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrencies, like human beings, are vehicles for values.
Cryptocurrencies give us a vehicle to realize the value of freedom.
Freedom is realized through following one’s Core values, not external authorities.
There are no leaders here.
This is a federation of sovereign individuals united by our Core values.

This is Bitcoin Clashic.

What is Bitcoin Clashic?

Bitcoin Clashic in it's current form is open source, peer-to-peer electronic cash just like the projects it forked from.

Bitcoin Clashic is a fork from Bitcoin. Bitcoin Clashic was nourished through a labor of love. But will significantly diverge from it's roadmap to attempt to solve other use cases.

The true vision of Bitcoin Clashic is to build onchain applications first utilizing OP_TITLE, a variant of OP_RETURN. Later, adding fault tolerant storage mechanisms and possibly Onion routed runtime containers. Secondary benefits are to compliment Bitcoin, and run along side it, by acting as an express lane for core values, speed and privacy.



New PoW - Smoother blocktimes: Successfully hardforked to Blake2b PoW with new client v0.17.0.5

Past Achievements

Creation of a Foundation

funding development and community growth

30 Period/Minute DAA Adjustment

more stable and fair difficulty adjustments
to reward loyal constant miners

10x Speed and 10X Capacity Upgrade

one-minute blocktime

New Website/Social Media/Communications

Social Media TipBot

Discord Managers

(china, korea, brazil, africa, europe, us, russia,

Incorporate Blake2b PoW Algorithm

2020 H1

Rebrand last time back to Bitcoin Clashic

In progress...

Community Bounties & Seeder Node Campaign

decentralized through more unique volunteers

Move Github repos back to Bitcoin-Clashic

Add Blake2b ASIC capability to Yiimp Pool Software

Proof of Existence

The next 12 months from core team

Build out OP_TITLE use case and incentives

Users: Create value for public use onchain data storage
Miners: Align incentives to process OP_TITLE transactions

Create Metamask type browser extension

Faciliate simple submission of OP_TITLE transactions
Lite in browser wallet to RPC

Future with community support

Trezor Hardware Wallet Integration

Ledger Hardware Wallet Integration

Light Wallets

mobile: android and ios
desktop: windows, mac and linux

Copay Integration

Exchange Listings

Confidential Transactions and more via Elements

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